About Us

We're here to help companies improve their journey to growth and profitability by giving them an edge through talent.

We act as partners, not suppliers. 

We work with businesses facing challenges in all areas linked to innovation, transformation, growth and overall GTM strategy, be it a startup, or F500 companies, and many levels in between. 

We're building what will become the go-to place for all professionals in technical, scientific and commercial fields, where technology and the digital economy is changing the game. Whether it's to find a new position, or to build out their teams. 

Starting small in Austin, we will be covering East Coast to West Coast as we partner with more clients. Our aim is to be servicing every major city, and have multiple locations throughout the US within the next 5 years. 

In order to do this we need great people, so if you like the sound of what we're about, please get in touch.‚Äč