Why we're here

Recruiting needs a reboot

Yes, hiring will always be imperfect. But there are many ways it can improve. This starts with challenging the current process in which companies and professionals find & discover each other. We believe in creating a more reliable, transparent, and fair experience so that the right person can get the right job with the right company.


OutScout by the numbers

And we're just getting started
successful hiring

You're 23 times more likely to land a successful hire using OutScout than relying on job boards.

avg days time-to-hire

Matches  over to you in a week. Customers that can move fast have hired in 2 weeks.

offer acceptance rate

Candidates you review have been hand-picked, screened and are sold on your company before they get to you.

in OutScout network

Access to already approved tech professionals waiting for their next big move.

avg active positions and growing

Always partnering with early and growth stage companies to provide options to tech professionals.

still in role after 1 year

Working to end transactional recruiting. We strive to create long term partnerships with each our customers.

OutScout Principles

Our principles are not only our core beliefs, but the mindsets, choices
and actions that drive us.​

Strive to be helpful.​

We're direct, honest, & transparent. We'll equip you with the resources and information needed make the best decision. Even if it's not us. ​

Never Compromise on Quality.​

We are always committed to finding the right fit. We're relentlessly authentic and strive exceed expectations. ​

Have a Backbone. ​

We are not afraid to challenge or push back where we feel is right – respectfully, of course. ​

Always Innovate.​

We are never satisfied with the status quo – we're builders at heart. We're committed to being lifelong learners with an insatiable curiosity to change hiring for the better.​

Execute with speed.​

We set the pace and move with speed & purpose. Acting quickly is in our DNA, and we persevere no matter how difficult or mundane the task.​

Our team

Gareth Webb
Founder & CEO
Jake Gorgol
Director, Growth & GTM
Dan Jackson
Director, Client Engagement & Investor Partnerships
Emily Gottsman
Talent Partner - GTM
Cameron Kimbrell
Talent Partner - Engineering & Security
Claire Hamilton
Planning, Ops, DE&I Strategy
Jamie Woods
Investor & Advisor
Eric Johnson
Product Advisor

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Send us an email at contact@outscout.io

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