Candidate experience review - Head of B2C Marketing assignment


Gareth Webb

Some great feedback here from a recently placed candidate into a very unique and challenging position. The client had it open for months, and we completed the assignment within 3 weeks, without compromising on the quality of the outcome or the experience for all:


"The thing that stands out to me about my experience with OutScout was how easy it felt to transition into a new role. I was expecting to spend a lot longer looking for jobs and interviewing with teams. But in less than a week, I had a job offer. I'm not sure how OutScout did it, but you guys nailed it. I feel like my skills complement my new team's skills, rather than overlap with any of them. So there's no in-office competition. You guys also nailed the culture fit. I vibe really well with the entire team across departments. I've talked to recruiters in the past who ghosted me or took months to get back to me about a role -- that they recruited me for. But that wasn't the case this time. Taylor found me on Linkedin, talked to me voice-to-voice to set expectations, and delivered big time. I feel like she really listened to what I needed and what the company needed to match us to each other. It's only been a few weeks, but I have a feeling that I'm going to be at this company for a long time.


Thank you! This new role is a game changer for me. If anyone asks me for a talent acquisition recommendation, I'm definitely going to refer them to you."