Pricing FAQ

How does your pricing compare to other traditional recruitment agencies or search firms?

Our pricing is aimed at being transparent, fair and allows customers to fix their costs as much as possible.
We price based on platform access and outcomes. Most agencies typically charge between 20-25% of base salary.
Search firms will typically charge 30-35% of total compensation.

What are the pros/cons of each pricing plan?

On Demand:
Pro - pay only when a hire is made
Con - most expensive cost-per-hire

Pro - fixed cost hiring plan. You know your cost per hire regardless of salary. Cost spread upfront and when a hire is made.
Con - more capital intensive. 40% of the total price charged upfront as for platform access (eg. 10 hire bundle $80k is charged up front). 12 month commitment, unless hires are made sooner.

Pro - lowest cost per hire. Best use of capital. “Cash burn friendly”
Con - 12 month commitment, unless hires are made sooner.

What’s the difference between a Bundle and a Subscription?

Most customers prefer our Subscription plans. However, some like pricing aligned to when a hire is made, and therefore, opt into the Bundle product where the payment is split between an upfront “access fee” and a “success fee” when the hire is made (upon start date).

Subscription is a fixed monthly cost, and allows you to save the most in terms of cost-per-hire.

Do you guarantee successful hires?

We offer 90 day guarantees from the new hire start date.

Do I have to pay for a subscription to use OutScout?

No, you can pay per hire with our On-Demand pricing plan, which is 20% of base salary.

For that price point, could I just not hire an in house recruiter?

You are paying for access to the OutScout platform and the outcomes but also the underlying work and data sources that provide faster and more accurate results without having to manage a team and sourcing process.

Doesn’t a monthly subscription provide the wrong incentive (eg. slower hiring)?

All of our Talent Partners who oversee each position are incentivized on each hire, ensuring time and quality meets standards set by OutScout and expected by customers.

What happens if I exceed my hire credit limit?

Once you make your final hire, subject to your plan, you‘ll pay the balance of your subscription contract and upgrade or renew your plan based on additional hiring needs.

For example if 5 hires are made in 6 months of a 5 hire plan, the balance of the contract is paid up. You can then either decide to renew to another 5 hire plan, upgrade to a 10 hire plan, or downgrade to a 3 hire plan depending on additional hiring needs.

What happens if I don’t make all the hires in the contract within the 12 month term?

We typically suggest starting off with a lower plan below what you think you may need. This allows for calibration between teams. For example, if you think you may need to make 10 hires, it may be best to start off with a 5 hire plan.

All customer plans are tracked on a monthly basis, and we carry out quarterly reviews with customers to provide data on positions and progress.

If in the event not all hires have been made, due to unforeseen circumstances, OutScout may choose to provide an extension of the term length.

What if I need more than 10 hires made?

We can discuss plans for greater hiring needs. Please contact us to discuss the details for a custom hiring option.

What is a top-up fee?

If you opt into a bundle, all fees are fixed, unless the base salary hits or exceeds $250,000. The top-up fee is not charged for those that opt into subscriptions.

When do I pay?

On Demand: Invoiced on new hire start date.

Bundles: 12 month platform access fee invoiced at signing. Success fee invoiced on new hire start date.

Subscriptions: All subscriptions are 12 month terms, and invoiced quarterly upon signing.

How many seats or users do I get with our account/platform access?

There are no limits on seats. Most successful customers have both hiring managers and talent/people ops working collaboratively with the OutScout team on the platform.

What payments are accepted?

Wire transfer
Auto payment through integration with Stripe

Still have questions? Contact us here or email us at

You’re in Good Company

These growth stage tech startups and scaleups use OutScout to build their teams.

Gabrielle Mellon
Senior Director, Talent Acquisition

In working with them we have found true complimentary partners. OutScout provides us a dependable partner that compliments our recruiting efforts and helps us achieve our goals. I am grateful to have their engagement and alliance in our hiring initiatives.

Cape Privacy
David Besemer
VP Engineering Cape Privacy

OutScout has been a valuable partner in helping us build Cape Privacy's engineering team. The talent they submit is always qualified, and I feel like the OutScout team knows just what I'm looking for. I'm grateful to be working with them to help us find awesome team members!

Tracy Giles
VP Talent Acquisition

I have worked with OutScout for 2+ years now spanning two different companies.  They have been a strong partner to work with, brought amazing talent to the table, and helped fill several positions. Five star and two thumbs up review from me!

Kate Ryan
HR Manager

Chairish has partnered with OutScout over the past year to help recruit for crucial roles on the Engineering, Product, and Design teams. I appreciate their high touch and adaptability to our established recruiting processes.